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About Everything Equine

Everything Equine is a publication that caters to South Florida’s equine enthusiasts.  While most events, features, and articles are specific to the South Florida area, the magazine is also shipped to a few select locations in North Florida and the Panhandle to aid in classified sales.  Shoot, some are even found in Texas and Oklahoma. (Thanks Mom!) 


Everything Equine does not require your local feed, tack, or convenience store to advertise to be a distributor.  If Everything Equine  is not at your store of choice, please contact Everything Equine and your store will be added, with their permission, to the mailing list. 


Everything Equine also realizes people having full care board for their horses, lease a horse, or take lessons on lesson horses do not visit feed stores as often as self-care horse owners and may miss out on picking up the latest issue.  If you board, lease, or take lessons at a stable with a minimum of 20 boarders, those who lease, and/or lesson students, have the barn owner/manager contact Everything Equine to be added to the mailing list. 

Individual subscriptions are also available.

Everything Equine

460 6th St NE

Naples, FL  34120



941-870-2510 fax


Everything Equine